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Vibrating Penis Sling (Black)

Vibrating Penis Sling (Black)


Introducing the Vibrating Penis Sling by Pretty Love, a versatile and pleasure-enhancing accessory designed to maximize pleasure for couples. Seamlessly blending functionality and pleasure, this innovative toy is sure to take your lovemaking to new heights.

Experience a range of sensations with its 10 powerful vibration modes. As you explore the various settings, pleasure nodules specifically designed to massage her clit provide incredible climaxes that will leave you both breathless and satisfied.

The stretchy sheath of the penis sling serves a dual purpose. Not only does it function as a cock ring to boost your erection, but it also helps delay climax, allowing for longer-lasting lovemaking sessions. Enjoy heightened pleasure while experiencing more control over your climax.

This penis sling combines the stimulating features of a clit vibrator, a cock sheath, and a cock ring, all in one innovative design. It's a comprehensive pleasure tool that ensures maximum satisfaction for both you and your partner.

Crafted from flexible and form-fitting silicone, the penis sling embraces your erection, providing a comfortable and pleasurable fit. The exposed head and shaft allow for maximum stimulation, while the stretchy cock ring base engorges your erection, offering a firmer and fuller look and feel. With delayed climax and added girth, you and your partner can indulge in long, hard nights of passion.

Unleash the power of the Vibrating Penis Sling by Pretty Love and elevate your intimate experiences to new heights. Enjoy the benefits of enhanced pleasure, increased stamina, and intense sensations. Get ready for unforgettable nights filled with pleasure, desire, and mutual satisfaction.

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