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Wearable Bosom

Wearable Bosom


Introducing our Wearable Breast Prosthesis – a high-quality solution for cross-dressing men seeking a realistic and comfortable appearance. Crafted with precision and care, this prosthesis provides a natural look, feel, and drape, empowering individuals to express themselves with confidence.

Key Features:

Realistic Weight: The Wearable Breast Prosthesis weighs 500 grams, offering a realistic weight that mimics the natural feel of breasts. This weight contributes to a more authentic appearance and enhances the overall experience.

Medical Grade Pure Silicone Gel: The prosthesis is expertly crafted from medical-grade pure silicone gel, ensuring a safe and skin-friendly experience. The silicone gel is known for its softness and pliability, creating a natural look and feel.

Non-Allergenic & Odorless: With a focus on safety and comfort, this prosthesis is non-allergenic, preventing skin irritation and discomfort. Additionally, it is odorless, allowing users to feel confident and at ease throughout their day.

Human-Like Color: The prosthesis boasts a human-like color that blends seamlessly with your skin tone, promoting a convincing appearance when worn under clothing.

Bra Straps for a Secure Fit: To ensure a secure and comfortable fit, the prosthesis comes with adjustable bra straps. This feature enables cross-dressing men to wear the prosthesis discreetly and confidently, enhancing their self-expression.

Our Wearable Breast Prosthesis is designed to cater to the unique needs of individuals looking to achieve an authentic and natural appearance. Whether for cross-dressing, transgender individuals, or those seeking a more feminine look, this prosthesis offers a discreet and empowering solution.

Embrace your true self with confidence and elegance as you wear our Wearable Breast Prosthesis. Experience the freedom to express your identity and drape yourself in authenticity and comfort. Elevate your journey of self-expression with this thoughtfully designed and premium-quality prosthesis.

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